Optimal Harvesting Performance

The incredible  Gleaner design is the result of a partnership that marries engineering ideas with in-field practicality. Gleaner Super Series Combines are extremely nimble, high capacity machines that deliver Gleaner’s legendary low grain loss and high quality samples for a greater return at the silo.

What makes a Gleaner Unique?

The Natural Flow transverse rotor

Accelerator rolls - cleaner sample

Two stage cleaning

Fully welded frame, heavy final drive.

While the S8 Super Series is a new generation, it is born from tried and field tested technology.

Over eight decades, the Gleaner combine has become known for its unique design and performance and many of those unique attributes and mechanisms remain in this latest edition. The Gleaner performance comes from the combination of our own patented processes and components with a design unlike any of our competitors.

The Gleaner Super Series is designed to have the fewest number of belts, chains, augers and gear drives possible to reduce the total number of moving
parts, points of potential wear or breakage and the number of hours you have to spend on service.

Gleaner Super Series Videos